INOX Lateral Anchor Installation Video


The word has more meanings than you might initially think. To a pirate, the anchor is a big, heavy piece of metal they use as a break on their ship. On television, an anchor is the face of a news show, the person you are going to think of the next time someone talks about crippling traffic problems or Jimjams the cute kitten that paints watercolors with his paws. But to a builder, an anchor is that point on a railing that connects it to a floor or stairway.

Now, consider a lateral anchor. To the pirate, that might be a giant hook or Velcro strip that would adhere a ship to a dock. On the television, it could be the story instead of the news personality, so now Jimjams is giving you the low down about human traffic issues. He’s adorable, and always ends the news cast with his trademark ‘Meow mow.’

No one said he was a good painter

But lets talk about that builder again. To them, a lateral anchor is how you affix a rail post to the side of a stairway or balcony. Not as exciting as Jimjams and the ship with the Velcro sides? Maybe. But a heck of a lot more practical.

Want to know more? Just watch this video and you can learn how to apply our lateral anchors on your own railing projects. There may even be a cameo by Jimjams!*

*There is no cameo by Jimjams